Watermill Residence

Situated on a secluded lot, adjacent to a natural reserve, this campus of buildings is a collection of a house renovation, a new pool house and new garage. The main house was originally designed by the well-known Hamptons architect Norman Jaffe in the early 1980’s. The original owner held onto the property until recently when a young family of four purchased it and asked Roger Ferris and Partners to restore and renovate the property. The authentic wood ceilings, slate floors and exterior siding were preserved and restored. Areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms were all replaced with a simple design to compliment the modern house.

The pool house and garage clearly distinguish themselves from the main house, while remaining secondary to it as simple forms. The rectilinear structures carry the language and datums of Norman Jaffe’s original sculptural lines. Darkened cedar siding echoes the house’s wood siding in a contemporary way with wider planks and flush jointing. The pool house serves as a secondary living space, with seating, a kitchenette and cabana. Floor to ceiling glass sliding doors provide a direct connection from the space to the original pool, constantly blurring the distinction between old and new.

The garage is the primary form seen when entering the property. It serves not only as a car depository for vintage 1960’s Porsches, but also as a car work shop for the client. A full basement below grade provides additional car storage through a car elevator in the first bank of the garage. It can hold up to 8 cars at a time. The lift recesses into the floor and completely disappears when closed. Two full height garage doors open on either side of the garage providing ample light and fresh air.


Water Mill, New York
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