Equinox Hotel and Residences

A new Equinox hotel and residences is a mixed-use skyscraper, comprised of high-end retail, restaurants, fitness, a hotel, and rental units. This building serves as the symbolic gateway between downtown Chicago and the West Loop neighborhood. It is situated between an expressway on one side and by historically industrial and lower scale buildings on the other, so it will always be an object building viewed from every angle. This 51-story tower is wrapped in a grid of steel, aluminum, and glass relating to Chicago’s iconic mid-century towers. Abstracted half-bay windows on the tower are an “inverted” reimagining of the classic Chicago School three-part bay window announcing the tower’s residential nature. Reversing at every floor, the bays create an added layer of texture and depth along with a dynamic play of reflected sunlight. The grid of the tower is brought down throughout the podium, giving the building a sense of scale and unity throughout.


Chicago, Illinois
Project Type:
Mixed Use
In Progress

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