11 Wilton

11 Wilton Road is Roger Ferris + Partners’ headquarters in Westport, Connecticut. It is a contemporary architectural dialogue situated within the formal language of the historic district. In order to gain approval from the historic commission, Ferris had to demonstrate that this prominent, assertively contemporary 10,000 square foot office structure would not disrupt the district’s character. In this effort, the building’s scale and proportions were made to relate to the neighborhood, and the façade materiality, which echoed that of nearby historic structures, was crafted from materials that would age rapidly to create a sense of history. The layered composition of the facades – zinc shingles, stucco plaster, and large-scale cypress windows – encourage openness and create a small town urban scale. The large open-plan workspace with high ceilings on the first floor is flooded with natural light. The second floor contains glassed-in offices, meeting rooms, and a staff lounge.


Westport, Connecticut
Project Type:
1995 (exterior) / 2012 (interior)

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